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November 14, 2008

How to enable/disable Mouse Wheel actions on your map

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All the major map APIs have the ability to zoom in and out if your pointer is over the map and you scroll the mouse wheel. Being able to disable this function if you’re working in a small popup form window is very important!

Google Maps

By default, this feature is disabled. To enable:


To disable (again):



Yahoo Maps

By default, this feature is enabled. To disable:


There doesn’t appear to be a way to re-enable afterward.


Microsoft Virtual Earth

By default, this feature is enabled. To disable you have to capture the event:

trap = function() { return true; }
map.AttachEvent("onmousewheel", trap);

To re-enable, you have to detach the exact same event (hence the trap function)

map.DetachEvent("onmousewheel", trap);



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