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December 29, 2008

Interesting links from the last month

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  • Aspena web server for highly extensible Python-based publication, application, and hybrid websites. As a potential alternative to Python’s builtin HTTPServer. MIT license.
  • V8V8 is Google’s open source JavaScript engine; written in C++; can run standalone, or can be embedded into any C++ application. I am very excited by this, as allowing users to send code to the server to execute Javascript is an amazingly powerful idea. If anyone knows of a Python wrapper, let me know please. New BSD license.
  • KomodoEdit (a testimonial) – I am going to try this out, though vi/vim will always be my first love (JJ also has an article on using ctags).
  • Virtuoso - an innovative Universal Server platform that delivers an enterprise level Data Integration and Management solution for SQL, RDF, XML, Web Services, and Business Processes. There’s way to much bla bla bla in that sentence, but apparently this is really sweet at handling SPARQL/RDF triples. Kingsley Idehen writes extensively about this on his blog (e.g.).
  • Drizzlea database optimized for Cloud and Net applications. Way too early to commit to this yet. See The New MySQL Landscape for more interesting going ons.
  • AuthKitauthentication and authorization toolkit for WSGI applications and frameworks.
  • Geodjangoa world-class geographic web framework. Lots of great ideas and pointers to libraries in here, even if you’re not planning to use this itself.
  • Disco – an open-source implementation of the Map-Reduce framework for distributed computing. The Disco core is written in Erlang, a functional language that is designed for building robust fault-tolerant distributed applications. Users of Disco typically write jobs in Python, which makes it possible to express even complex algorithms or data processing tasks often only in tens of lines of code. Here’s a blog post about the same, with references to vs. Hadoop.
  • On (Python) packaging. Debating distutil, easy_install and pip.

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