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October 29, 2011

Good-bye Delicious

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Yahoo sold Delicious to another company and for the most part it hasn’t worked for me since the transition. I don’t use the “social” part of the bookmarking: I just try to bookmark every interesting page I read in case I need to find it again in the future. If Yahoo had been clever, they could have built cleverer search infrastructure around bookmarking information but of course “Yahoo” and “clever” rarely appear in the same sentence with being chaperoned by “not”.

I know startups are hard and I feel a little bit bad about kicking them when they’re down but features likely multi-word tagging are not so nearly interesting to me as “working” so it’s off to Evernote which has a lot more powerful clipping capabilities, is well funded, charges money – free doesn’t stay in business.

Here’s how I did the migration:

  • If you have 8747 bookmarks like me, you’ll need to do this and do two export / imports. Delicious’ new API only exports 1000 entries (f*ck you very much), so you’ll have to hack your DNS a little to pull the API data from the old Yahoo servers that are still up and running. I hand edited the exports to avoid duplicates though maybe Evernote is clever enough to figure this out on it’s own.
  • Follow the instructions on this page. Basically:
    • curl https://USERNAME:PASSWORD@api.del.icio.us/v1/posts/all > backup.xml
    • paste into hereĀ http://jsdo.it/palaniraja/uphW/fullscreen (on a Mac anyway)
    • save the results asĀ toimport.enex
    • run Evernote and run File > Import


  1. I feel your pain, but I just got my Delicious export script working again! It exported all my 14683 bookmarks right now.

  2. […] trying to fix my Delicious export script to work with the new “trick” of only serving 1000 bookmarks at a time. The script concatenates results (XML) from […]

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