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February 26, 2012

iTunes & Missing Files

macintosh,tips · admin · 2:45 pm ·

If you’re like me and keep your iTunes files on external disks, you’ll occasionally end up in a situation where the external disk is not available and iTunes ends up marking all your files with an “exclamation mark”, indicating they’re not available.

To have to do to fix this is hold CTRL+ALT when starting iTunes and it’ll re-figure everything out.

Hat tip.

February 2, 2012


python · admin · 7:49 pm ·


Times is a small, minimalistic, Python library for dealing with time conversions to and from timezones, for once and for all.

times tries to make working with times and timezones a little less of a clusterfuck and hopefully set a standard of some sort.

See my previous posts on working with pytz and dateutil (and also). I’m looking forward to trying out times.

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